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  Trades takes place in Madden NFL 22
Inserido por: wfuuopy - 18-10-2021, 04:35 AM - Fórum: Bosses - Sem Respostas

A higher number of Madden 22 coins wins will bring better reward as teams advance to the playoffs or even higher. Salary Cap is another mode that is ranked that applies to the H2H season, limiting the roster cost that players can use to build the team.

The last items on the Play tab include MUT Champions, Squads and Draft. MUT Champions is a weekend league that offers a select number of games that allow players to rise up a ladder ranking. Teams are comprised of two or three players together to face teams from other teams. Draft or another mode of player-versus player in which each game is comprised of teams that were recently drafted. The rewards for both Draft and Salary Cap have been drastically diminished with Madden NFL 22, and are hardly worth the time of any player trying to create a winning team.

The Missions tab is where goals can be completed to gain more MUT level, and eventually earn the title of Ultimate Champion - Kam Chancellor. The Ultimate Champion has additional goals in order to get him to 95 OVR.  The Ultimate Champion can be found in Team Affinity under the Missions tab. Here you will have Team Captains aswell team building activities. Check out the challenges and find out what's required for them to be completed, but beginning with these aren't things that need to be worried about at the beginning of Madden NFL 22's MUT.

There are a few products on the MUT Marketplace, including the Fantasy Packs that can be purchased "pay-to-win". It's also the place where the packs that have not been opened are located, as well as where Auctions & Trades takes place in Madden NFL 22. Auction & Trades are where players are able to auction or Trade-off their players order to gain more Coins or purchase players to increase their roster.

It is used to reward players who are not awarded in Solo Battles. The Auction Browser offers a variety of parameters that can be made when searching for players, which include teams as well as the quality of buy Mut 22 coins players, so ensure you review the settings.

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  The NBA 2K simulated postseason set its final match
Inserido por: wfuuopy - 18-10-2021, 04:33 AM - Fórum: Eventos - Sem Respostas

The NBA 2K simulated postseason set its final match: Bucks vs. Lakers. Although Nba 2k22 Mt the possibility of completing the 2019-2020 NBA season isn't certain However, the people at NBA 2K have taken the initiative in simulating the outcome.

The 2K Sim playoffs have finished their conference championships, and are now set to "play" the final round. In their simulated semifinals, the Milwaukee Bucks survived as Eastern Conference champions, defeating the Boston Celtics four games to two. The match was between LA teams in the west as the virtual Clippers defeated the Lakers 4-1.

2K is planning to release results from the simulated final round on May 15, and even secured quotes from some of the most famous players on the teams (which likely wasn't too difficult since they've been selected for the cover of the game the previous two seasons).

Anthony Davis, NBA 2K20's cover player, has said that "it is a dream to attend the event in person however, for the moment, it is great that 2K provides fans with a means of watching their teams play on virtual courts." Giannis Antetokounmpo, who was on the cover of 2019 declared, "We all miss basketball and we are doing our part in wishing to play in the near future, but in the meantime I can't just wait to see what happens to the Lakers next week!""

It's difficult for me to decide whether I was disappointed that there weren't any big shocks in the final round simulated by the team or if I'm missing the real game of basketball. It's great to see stats, highlights reels and a betting section. It's possible that this trophy will be the only one presented for the 2020 NBA season. The league made this statement after speaking with buy mt nba 2k22 Adam Silver, the commissioner. You can also live stream action from the NBA 2K League.

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  Jagex has fired the current Head of Runescape
Inserido por: wfuuopy - 18-10-2021, 04:32 AM - Fórum: Tutoriais - Sem Respostas

SCENARIO - Sudden changes are taking place in the Jagex headquarters. The number of RuneScape gold active players is low, there's a lack of satisfaction with the players who are active and staff members have exhausted all ideas. Jagex has fired the current Head of Runescape and hires you to to bring back the game on middle schools across the globe.

You're now at the top of a massive multiplayer game and have increased influence. But there is a problem: what do you do? If I was the head of Runescape I would acknowledge the fact that not only is Runescape struggling but the genre is struggling (see World of Warcraft for an example).

But, a similar game is going strong and that is League of Legends. While I wouldn't copy League of Legends' approach, I would try to learn some lessons from it. The combat system would be improved. The current combat system is fun for PvM, but is not effective for PvP. PvM has almost all members, so most players will not be able to get a taste.

To gain 50k experience in defense, I was playing for 1.5-2 hours each day throughout the summer. Although it was a brief period of time, it was so difficult to log into and get it, as I was not particularly interested in the game.

The reintroduction in 2011 of wilderness and, most importantly, the removal of Revenants from the dungeons were what saved me. Since the players had never visited the area, it gave me the opportunity to join the AFK Ice Warriors at the wilderness for buy OSRS gold the 50kxp per day.

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  Mapas e Monstros
Inserido por: ADMIN - 05-10-2021, 08:51 PM - Fórum: Informações - Sem Respostas

Losttower - Nível Iniciante


Poison Shadow

Cursed Wizard

Death Cow


Death Knight

Death Gorgon

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  The 22 highest-rated players on FIFA 22 have today been confirmed by EA Sports
Inserido por: rodeoneerer - 30-09-2021, 06:14 AM - Fórum: Tutoriais - Sem Respostas

The 22 highest-rated players on FIFA 22 have today been confirmed by EA Sports, with Lionel Messi the highest-rated player in the game this year.

Also not a shock is Kylian Mbappe's meteoric rise to fifth, with Robert Lewandowski displacing the ageing Cristiano Ronaldo in second. There's plenty to take in when it comes to the FIFA 22 top 100 player ratings. Below you'll find the best 100 players in the game, so you know who to save your chairman's millions for.

Top 20 Premier League players in FIFA 22
EA announced the full list of the Premier League's top 20 players in FIFA 22, with Liverpool and Manchester City sporting a league-high six players on the list.

Check out the full list of the 22 highest-rated players on FIFA 22 below.

    Lionel Messi – Paris Saint-Germain – RW – 93 rated
    Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich – ST – 92 rated
    Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United – ST – 91 rated
    Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City – CM – 91 rated
    Kylian Mbappe – Paris Saint-Germain – ST – 91 rated
    Neymar Jnr – Paris Saint-Germain – LW – 91 rated
    Jan Oblak – Atletico Madrid – GK – 91 rated
    Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur – ST – 90 rated
    N'Golo Kante – Chelsea – CDM – 90 rated
    Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich – GK – 90 rated
    Marc-Andre Ter Stegen – Barcelona – GK – 90 rated
    Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – RW – 89 rated
    Gianluigi Donnaruma – Paris Saint-Germain – GK – 89 rated
    Karim Benzema – Real Madrid – CF – 89 rated
    Virgil van Dijk – Liverpool – CB – 89 rated
    Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich – CDM – 89 rated
    Heung-Min Son – Tottenham Hotspur – LM – 89 rated
    Alisson – Liverpool – GK – 89 rated
    Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid – GK – 89 rated
    Casemiro – Real Madrid – CDM – 89 rated
    Ederson – Manchester City – GK – 89 rated
    Sadio Mane – Liverpool – LW- 89 rated

Whether you're playing as a manager at a big club in Career Mode, or putting together your dream XI in FIFA Ultimate Team, it's worth knowing the finest footballers set to grace EA's next take on the (virtual) beautiful game. Otherwise you can just debate each placement with your Co-op Seasons squad. Trust us, putting together a top 100 cannot be done without (virtual) fisticuffs.

But for most players, it is very difficult to accumulate FUT 22 Coins, even if they spend a lot of time playing games, it is difficult to gain anything. Spending some money on a reliable third-party website to buy FUT 22 Coins directly is the best choice. As the most popular FUT Coins supplier, will provide you with a relaxing and pleasant buying experience. FUT 22 Coins For Sale sold by Z2U are not only cheap, but also fast delivery. The most important thing is that we support a variety of safe transaction methods to ensure the safety of your funds.

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Inserido por: ADMIN - 22-09-2021, 07:57 AM - Fórum: Informações - Sem Respostas

em atualização

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  Acentos nos Textos
Inserido por: ADMIN - 21-09-2021, 07:21 PM - Fórum: Bugs e Sugestões - Sem Respostas

Verificar acentos no texto das janelas do Jogo.

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  Blood Castle
Inserido por: ADMIN - 15-09-2021, 10:12 PM - Fórum: Bugs e Sugestões - Sem Respostas

Hoje enquanto jogava o Mu TED, pensei em uma parada foda pro BC!!!

Tipo... Um Boss após os portões. um boss de respeito, que dificulte a quebra das estatuas!  

e com respawn.... ou seja, o personagem tem que ser forte para mata-lo... e dependendo de quão forte for, pode matar +d 1...


#muted #sugestoes

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  Shild DW não repara por completo
Inserido por: hypnos - 23-08-2021, 08:34 PM - Fórum: Bugs e Sugestões - Sem Respostas

Quando vou reparar o shild DemonWAr, ele não repara por completo. Isso acontece quando
vou reparar pelo inventário ou em algum ferreiro.

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Inserido por: ADMIN - 23-08-2021, 06:47 PM - Fórum: Notícias - Sem Respostas

Guerreiros e Competidores do Mu TED.

Estamos organizando nosso plano de ação para o 4º trimestre de 2021. 
Constantemente este post estará sendo atualizado sendo referência para devidas implantações.

Este plano de ação tem como objetivos: 

a) Expandir a jogabilidade do servidor até os 150 Masters resets

  - Serão efetuados devidos ajustes na tabela de experiência, PvP, nível de dificuldade dos mapas e bosses. 

    [ ] - Ajuste em tabela da Experiência por Master Resets
    [ ] - Ajuste de PvM dos Minibosses, Bosses e MegaBosses
    [ ] - Ajuste de PvM dos Mapas
    [ ] - Ajuste de PvP

  - Implantação de novas Asas  

    [ ] - Habilitar Conqueror para evolução
    [ ] - DemonWar
    [ ] - AngelWar

  - Implantação do Sets e Armas

    [ ] - Manticore
    [ ] - AngelWar
    [ ] -

  - Implantação de Novas Montarias e PETs

    [ ] - Golden Fenrir
    [ ] - Dark Horse (Fogo, Vento, Terra, Agua, Trevas)
    [ ] - Dark Dragon (Fogo, Vento, Terra, Agua, Trevas)
    [ ] - Leão
    [ ] - Ovo Tediano - 5Pets Tedianos

  - Implantação de Novos Bosses e Megabosses
    [ ] - Bosses  de Archeron
    [ ] - Boss do BC
    [ ] - Boss da Devil Square

  - Implantação de Quests Semanais e Mensais

    [ ] -
    [ ] -

b) Mapear os BUGs e Sugestões validadas

    [ ] - Shield DW
    [ ] -

c) Criação da estratégia de Marketing para esta nova fase

    [ ] - Réplica de Melhores Posts
    [ ] - Bônus de Experiência + Donate em Dobro
    [ ] - Ajude um Novato


Cada BUG relatado terá uma recompensa de 50K MGOLD
Cada Sugestão Validada (Aceita pela administração) terá uma recompensa de 30K MGOLD

O Servidor Mu TED foi criado em 2017 e seu propósito é de levar diversão e entretenimento aos seus players.
Continuaremos OnLine, trabalhando e implantando soluções que visem melhorar cada vez mais o projeto.
Desde já agradecemos cada player que por sua vez investiu seu tempo.


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Blood Castle
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Shild DW não repara por ...
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